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Care Instructions

Dried Flower Bridal hair piece

How Take Good Care of Dried Floral Accessories?

To keep your preserved and dried floral accessories at its best, please avoid direct sunlight, water or high-humidity spots in your place of storage. After using, you could place them back at the box with a silica gel bag provided.
These blooms are carefully preserved or naturally dried therefore are very delicate. Please handle it with care.
In the case of the product to prepare for your wedding day, try not to handle the flowers as much as you can, until they are being placed in the hair by your hairdresser on your trial day or that special occasion. 
Expect natural variations in our flower accessories as no two flowers are the same. Note that these are natural products – These may be imperfections or slight differences in colour, size and shape. A bit of shedding may occur. Please note that this is normal.