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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What do products make of?

Natural flowers.

How long does its colour last?

At least 1 year.

How do I care about the quality of the products?

Because the hairpins are mostly made of dried real flowers, therefore, they are kind of fragile, delicate and need to be held gently, avoid dropping as possible. In the case, the product to prepare for your wedding day, try not to handle the flowers much until they are being placed in the hair by your hairdresser. Besides, dried flowers need to stay in a dry environment, kindly do not store in wet and humid areas. The silica gel bag in the item's box to keep them dry, it should be lovely to leave it there.

Can I return it if I change my mind?

For hygiene reasons and your protection, we do not offer exchanges or refunds or cancellations once orders are processed. In a circumstance, you think the products are defective or damaged, please let us know within 24 hours of receipt by emailing us at or Instagram/ Facebook message. The decision to offer a change of mind exchange or refund will be made at our sole discretion. To be more clear, kindly read more our Refund & Exchange Policy.