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Feedbacks from customers and hair stylists motivate us to improve products and services better. 

Alicia hair designer


"I highly recommend Herhair floral hair accessories.
I love how easy they are to attach to the hairstyle and easy to remove. The design is crafted to perfection with each hairpiece woven delicately so that all the flowers stay perfectly in place and can be re-used over and over.
I absolutely love these hair pieces and know you wont be disappointed.

Sinead Marian hairstylist


"Herhair floras are just beautifully made and hand crafted with the most delicate and pretty dried flowers. I love using these over fresh flowers as they are much easier to pin into the hair, due to their light weight and also because the clips attached to the flowers make them very easy to use.
The beauty of having dried flowers over fresh is that you can keep them afterwards.
I also love that all the packaging is reusable and recyclable.
I highly recommend these flowers to any bride. You will love them as much as I do xxx"

Rebecca Makeup & hair stylist


I absolutely adore Herhair Floral Accessories! They are perfect hand made little bunches of dried flowers, perfect for all events and weddings.
I found they are very good quality and sturdy, easy enough to use also"


We would love to receive feedback from customers for us to serve you better. We will appreciate that.